User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
If you select Platform Access Mode as Hik-Connect,
1) Click and read "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" in pop-up window.
2) Create a verification code or change the verification code for the camera.
The verification code is required when you add the camera to Hik-Connect
For more information about the Hik-Connect app, refer to Hik-Connect
Mobile Client User Manual.
3) You can use the default server address. Or you can check the Custom checkbox
on the right and input a desired server address.
If you select Platform Access Mode as Ehome,
1) Check Enable.
2) Enter the Server Address, Port, Device ID, and Key.
4. Click Save to save the settings.
Wireless Dial
Data stream of audio, video and image can be transferred via 3G/4G wireless
Only certain camera models support the function.
Camera that supports wireless dial does not support PPPoE.
1. Click Wireless Dial tab to enter the Wireless Dial configuration interface:
Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Wireless Dial
2. Check the checkbox to enable the wireless dial settings.
3. Configure the dial parameters.
1) Select the dial mode from the drop-down list. Auto and Manual are
selectable. If Auto is selected, you can set the arming schedule for dialing; If