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Network Camera User Manual
Manual is selected, you can set the offline time and manual dialing
2) Set the access number, user name, password, APN, MTU and verification
protocol. You can also leave these parameters blank, and the device will
adopt the default settings for dialing after other parameters are configured.
3) Select the network mode from the drop-down list. Auto, 3G and 4G are
selectable. If Auto is selected, the network selection priority comes as: 4G >
3G > Wired Network.
4) Input the offline time if Manual is selected as the dial mode.
5) Input the UIM Number (Mobile Phone Number).
6) Click the Edit button to set the arming schedule if Auto is selected as the dial
7) Click Save to save the settings.
4. View the dial status.
1) Click the Refresh button to view the dial status including real-time mode,
UIM status, signal strength, etc.
2) If Manual is selected as the dial mode, you can also manually connect /
disconnect the wireless network.
5. Set the white list. The mobile phone number on the white list can receive the
alarm message from the device and reboot the device via SMS.
1) Check the checkbox of Enable SMS Alarm.
2) Select the item on the white list, and click the Edit button.
3) Input the mobile phone number for the white list, check the checkbox of
Reboot via SMS, select the alarm for SMS push, and click OK.
Note: To reboot the device via SMS, send the message "reboot" to the
device, and the device will reply a message "reboot success" after rebooting
4) (Optional) You can click Send Test SMS to send a message to the mobile
phone for test.
5) Click Save to save the settings.