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Network Camera User Manual
software before adding the device to your PC client.
7. Click the Save button to save the settings.
Configuring QoS Settings
QoS (Quality of Service) can help solve the network delay and network congestion by
configuring the priority of data sending.
1. Enter the QoS Settings interface: Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings >
QoS Settings
2. Configure the QoS settings, including Video/Audio DSCP, Event/Alarm DSCP and
Management DSCP.
The valid value range of the DSCP is 0 to 63. The bigger the DSCP value is, the
higher the priority is.
Note: DSCP refers to the Differentiated Service Code Point; and the DSCP value is
used in the IP header to indicate the priority of the data.
3. Click Save to save the settings.
Note: A reboot is required for the settings to take effect.
Configuring 802.1X Settings
The IEEE 802.1X standard is supported by the network cameras, and when the