User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
pre-set video-related configuration is invalid. A reboot is required for the function to
take effect.
Note: Bandwidth adaptation is only available for certain camera models.
Network Service
You can control the ON/OFF status of certain protocol that the camera supports.
Keep unused function OFF for security concern.
Only certain camera models support the function.
WebSocket and WebSockets
WebSocket or WebSockets protocol should be enabled if you use Google Chrome
45 and its above version or Mozilla Firefox 52 and its above version to visit your
camera. Otherwise, live view, image capture, and digital zoom function cannot be
If the camera uses HTTP, enable WebSocket.
If the camera uses HTTPS, enable WebSockets.
SDK Service and Enhanced SDK Service
If you want to add the device to the client software, you should enable SDK Service
or Enhanced SDK Service.
SDK Service: SDK protocol is used.
Enhanced SDK Service: SDK over TLS protocol is used. Communication between
the device and the client software is secured by using TLS (Transport Layer Security)
TLS (Transport Layer Security)
The device offers TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2. Enable one or more protocol versions
according to your need.
Smooth Streaming