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Network Camera User Manual
on > Video/Audio > Video page, set the Max. Bitrate before you enable
smooth streaming function. And in this mode the framerate will be adjust
ed to max. value automatically.
Error Correction: The resolution and bitrate stay the same as the set values in
Video page. When the bandwidth is sufficient, there is packet loss or bit error
during transmission and these situations will lead to the video data error or loss.
This mode is used to correct the data error during transmission to ensure the
image quality. You can configure the error correction proportion within range of
0-100. When the proportion is 0, the data error will be corrected by data
retransmission. When the proportion is higher than 0, the error data will be
corrected via redundant data that is added to the stream and data
retransmission. The higher the value is, the more redundant date will be
generated, the more data error will be corrected, and the larger bandwidth is
required. When the proportion is 100, the redundant data will be as large as the
original data, and the bandwidth is twice required.
Note: Be sure the bandwidth is sufficient in Error Correction mode.
5. Click Save to save the settings.
Note: Only certain camera models support the function.
7.2.13 HTTP Listening
The camera can send alarm information to the destination IP or host name via HTTP
protocol. If the network is disconnected, the data can be uploaded to the destination
IP or host name after the network connection is normal.
Before you start:
The destination IP or host name should support the HTTP protocol to receive the
alarm information.
1. Enter the HTTP Listening interface, Configuration > Network > Advanced