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Network Camera User Manual
2. Select the Stream Type.
Supported stream types are listed in the drop-down list.
For some models, the Third Stream is not enabled by default. Go to System >
Maintenance > System Service > Software to enable the function is required.
The main stream is usually for recording and live view with good bandwidth,
and the sub-stream can be used for live view when the bandwidth is limited.
3. You can customize the following parameters for the selected stream type.
Video Type:
Select the stream type to video stream, or video & audio composite stream. The
audio signal will be recorded only when the Video Type is Video & Audio.
Select the resolution of the video output.
Bitrate Type:
Select the bitrate type to constant or variable.
Video Quality:
When bitrate type is selected as Variable, 6 levels of video quality are selectable.
Frame Rate:
Set the frame rate. The frame rate is to describe the frequency at which the video
stream is updated and it is measured by frames per second (fps). A higher frame
rate is advantageous when there is movement in the video stream, as it maintains
image quality throughout.
Max. Bitrate:
Set the max. bitrate from 32 to 16384 Kbps. The higher value corresponds to the
higher video quality, but the better bandwidth is required.
Note: The maximum limit of the max. bitrate value varies according to different
camera platforms. For certain cameras, the maximum limit is 8192 Kbps or 12288
Video Encoding:
The camera supports multiple video encodings types, such as H.264, H.265,