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Network Camera User Manual
average bitrate in the long term. The camera needs at least 24 hours to adapt
to a fixed monitoring scene.
Max. Average Bitrate:
When you set a maximum bitrate, its corresponding recommended maximum
average bitrate will be shown in the Max. Average Bitrate box. You can also set
the maximum average bitrate manually from 32 Kbps to the value of the set
maximum bitrate.
When you select H.264 or H.265 as video encoding, you can set the profile.
Selectable profiles vary according to camera models.
I Frame Interval:
Set I Frame Interval from 1 to 400.
Scalable Video Coding is an extension of the H.264/AVC and H.265 standard.
Select OFF/ON to disable/enable the SVC function. Select Auto and the device will
automatically extract frames from the original video when the network
bandwidth is insufficient.
It refers to the smoothness of the stream. The higher value of the smoothing is,
the better fluency of the stream will be, though, the video quality may not be so
satisfactory. The lower value of the smoothing is, the higher quality of the stream
will be, though it may appear not fluent.
4. Click Save to save the settings.
The video parameters vary according to different camera models. Refer to the actual
display page for camera functions.
Custom Video
You can set up additional video streams if required. For custom video streams, you