Use and Care Manual

Use and Care instructions:
Thank you for choosing HDC Furniture!
As time goes on, slight fading and small cracks are normal in the aging process and are
not considered damage. With appropriate care and a stable environment, the
appearance and life of your wooden furniture can be extended with proper care.
Surface Protection
This collection Furniture is protected with a high quality nitrocellulose lacquer coating.
This finish provides a beautiful color, however any finish will breakdown from prolonged
exposure or unusual abuse.
Always use a soft, clean cloth duly dampened in “mild water” to dust wood furniture and
wipe according to the direction of the grain. Do not use soap and water direct to clean
wood furniture, as the water will penetrate the surface and cause damage. Never use
abrasive cleaners or household cleaning products on any finished product. In most cases,
spills should be wiped up with a dry soft clean cloth, wipe again with a damp clean cloth.
Waxing and detergents are not required or recommended.
Furniture Care Tips:
Do use table pads with trivets and/or place‐ mats when utensils or dishes are extremely
Do use place‐mats or other protective items when eating or working on furniture
Do use protective pads under clocks, telephones, radios, or any object placed on
Do lift objects carefully; do not drag them over the furniture's surface.
Do regulate humidity levels in your home.
Do not use detergents or chemical cleaners on your furniture as this may damage the
Do not write on thin paper over the surface of the furniture without protective pad or
other protective buffer.
Do not use polish remover, hair spray, or perfume near the furniture as this may damage
the finish.
Do not use products containing silicone on the furniture.
Do not expose the furniture to strong sunlight, which causes discoloration.
Do not expose the furniture to extreme heat, cold, or humidity, which may cause wood
to swell or warp.
Do not leave the furniture wet or any water standing on the furniture.
General Warranty:
Given proper care and correct use of our product we guarantee the finish,
color and construction integrity will maintain its natural functionality and
luster for 1 year from the date of purchase.
This excludes normal use and wear of the product such are scratches, water
stains from cups and or damage from improper care.

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