- HP 2012 Docking Station Specification Sheet

Key Benefits
Desktop convenience with full port replication capability in a space-saving design.
Conveniently charges your notebook while it is in the docking station.
Easy docking system provides port replication and cable management in one product.
Four USB 3.0 ports allow you to connect to legacy and evolving peripherals and be more productive.
Optional integrated HP Docking Station Cable Lock allows you to secure your docking station and notebook with one lock. Also
supports an industry standard notebook lock.
AC adapter included
The HP 2012 90W Docking Station gives you an energy-efficient 90W Smart AC adapter for your Notebook PC. The HP 2012 230W
Docking Station gives you an energy-efficient 230W Smart AC adapter for your Notebook PC or Mobile Workstation. These Smart
Adapters help guard against power fluctuations with integrated surge protection.
Standard Features
2 docking posts
Align and secure the computer for proper connection to the docking station
Docking connector
Connects the computer to the docking station
Visual alignment indicator
Helps you align the computer with the docking station for fast and easy docking
Power button and power
Power indicators
Eject button and docking
Ejects computer from docking station. Docking light is turned on when the computer is properly connected.
USB ports
4 USB 3.0 ports (3 Always-On, 1 powered)
Always-On USB port
Allows you to charge USB powered devices while the computer is in standby mode, powered off or not in
the docking station.
Powered USB port
Allows you to connect to select powered USB and regular USB devices.
Integrated cable lock slot
Supports the HP Docking Station Cable Lock with a drastically simplified locking mechanism. Gives you two
security options: lock the docking station only (which also prevents access to the Advanced Docking
Station drive bay); or lock both the docking station and your notebook for additional security.
Also supports an industry standard notebook lock.
Audio and Network
Audio and Ethernet ports, Line-in jack, headphone jack; does not support mic out
Legacy connectors
Mouse, keyboard, serial and parallel connectors
Other connectors
1 Monitor Stand, 1 DisplayPort 1.2, 1 VGA, and 1 DVI-D connector. AC adapter connector with light
Smart Adapter
HP 90W Smart AC Adapter or HP 230W Smart AC Adapter
Your computer, docking station, and monitor must all support USB 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 to benefit from the advanced speeds
or features that these technologies provide. If one of the devices does not support these technologies, you will still have USB 2.0 and
DisplayPort 1.1 functionality.
HP 2012 Docking Stations and HP 2012 Advanced
Docking Stations for HP Business Notebooks
HP 2012 90W and 230W Docking Stations
DA - 14356 Worldwide — Version 3 — December 13, 2012
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