Implementing SR-IOV on HP ProLiant Servers with VMware vSphere 5.1

Technical white paper | Implementing SR-IOV on HP ProLiant Servers with VMware vSphere
SR-IOV-compliant ProLiant servers
Table 2 lists the HP ProLiant servers and minimum System ROM version that are required for SR-IOV functionality.
SR-IOV requires both hardware and System ROM compliance to work. Your server must have the minimum System ROM
version listed in the table to enable SR-IOV. If necessary, update the System ROM before beginning to enable SR-IOV.
FlexibleLOM technology for HP rack mount servers is a variation of LAN-on-motherboard (LOM) architecture that allows you
to choose the type of NIC to be resident in the server. Only Gen8 servers with the right Flexible LOM can be considered
SR-IOV compliant. For additional information on FlexibleLOM technology refer to the white paper, Networking flexibility in HP
ProLiant servers with FlexibleLOM technology, available at
You can download System ROM updates from the SPP, which is available at or the HP Support
Center at
Table 2. Supported ProLiant servers and ROM versions
Server platform System ROM family System ROM Version
ProLiant BL servers
BL420c Gen8 I30 12/13/2012 or later
BL460c Gen8 I31 12/11/2012 or later
BL660c Gen8 I32 12/11/2012 or later
ProLiant DL servers
DL360e Gen8 P73 12/11/2012 or later
DL360p Gen8 P71 12/4/2012 or later
DL380e Gen8 P73 12/11/2012 or later
DL380p Gen8 P70 12/12/2012 or later
DL560 Gen8 P77 12/5/2012 or later
DL580 G7 P65 11/8/2012 or later
DL980 G7 P66 30/7/2012 or later
ProLiant ML servers
ML350e Gen8 J02 12/13/2012 or later
ML350p Gen8 P72 12/7/2012 or later
ProLiant Blade/SL servers
SL230s Gen8 P75 12/11/2012 or later
SL250s Gen8 P75 12/11/2012 or later