User Manual

Advice for use
The wall panels are made of a solid ceramic
material without any resins or polymers. It
is manufactured by applying intense heat
and pressure to fuse minerals together. The
result is a nonporous surface that is hygienic
and highly resistant to heat and scratches.
Care and maintenance
• Boiling water and splashes from cooking
do not damage the wall panels. For daily
cleaning, use a soft cloth moistened with
warm water and mild detergent or soap.
Then wipe dry with a clean cloth or paper
• The wall panels withstand most household
chemicals, and since the surface is
nonporous, liquids cannot penetrate into
the surface and cause stains. Long-term
exposure to cleaning solutions can cause
permanent damage or discolouration in the
surface of the wall panels. In case of spills,
rinse immediately with water to neutralise
the effect of exposure to potentially harmful
• Avoid direct contact with open ames.
• Do not use ceramic knives or sharp objects
directly on the surface of the wall panels.