One end of the strip
will butt against the
adjacent wall.
Cut the beginning end of
the next strip to make a
45º compound angle.
Optional: Apply a small dab of
permanent glue where the
adhesive has been cut away
Overlap the strip that is
in place and continue
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if you have questions or would like to share photos
of your project with us.
CAUTION: Do not pull or stretch
InstaTrim while you work as this
may cause the ends to peel back.
Trim the finished end of the strip
using a scissors or razor blade.
NOTE: For splicing two pieces,
see instructions on reverse side.
Gently press InstaTrim into the gap
every 4”-6”. Firmly press the strip
into place again to ensure
Peel back the liner.
• Remove all traces of old silicone caulk
before applying InstaTrim. Please
follow instructions on reverse side.
• Use InstaTrim at room temperature.
• Avoid stretching InstaTrim as you
work to avoid the ends from
peeling back.
• Adding an extra 1/8” before cutting
will ensure a tight fit.
A small dab of permanent glue may
help to adhere spliced ends where
adhesive has been cut away.
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Remove old caulk, grout or loose debris from the surface.
Wipe down the area with a damp cloth.
Let the surface dry completely.
CAUTION: If replacing silicone caulk, be sure to follow instructions
on reverse side, “REMOVING OLD SILICONE
InstaTrim will not adhere to leftover
silicone residue.
Using a sharp blade, cut and remove
existing silicone caulk.
Use acetone or silicone remover with
a wire brush to remove stubborn
silicone oils and residue.
CAUTION: Use ventilation in
enclosed areas with any solvent
cleaning solution.
Thoroughly wipe surface with
silicone remover again to remove
any remaining residue.
Cut the finish end of the
1st strip at a 45º angle.
Optional: Apply a small dab of
permanent glue where the
adhesive has been cut away.
Cut the beginning end of the 2nd strip at a 45º angle
in the opposite direction so the ends will overlap and
create a smooth transition between the strips.
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