User Manual

600 Series Owner’s Guide 3
Using your Roomba
Note: Remove excess clutter from floors before cleaning (e.g. clothing, toys, etc.).
Use Roomba frequently to maintain well-conditioned floors.
To begin a cleaning cycle, press CLEAN on the robot or in the iRobot HOME App.
Pre-set your robot to automatically vacuum up to seven times per week using the
Scheduling feature in the iRobot HOME App.
When Roomba returns to the Home Base after completing a cleaning cycle, it will play
a series of tones to indicate successful completion of the cleaning cycle.
To pause Roomba during a cleaning cycle, press CLEAN. To resume the cleaning cycle,
press CLEAN again.
To end the cleaning cycle and put Roomba in standby mode, press and hold CLEAN
until Roomba’s indicators turn o.
To send Roomba back to its Home Base during a cleaning cycle, press CLEAN and
then (DOCK) on Roomba or press CLEAN on the iRobot HOME App main
screen. This will end the cleaning cycle.
If Roomba encounters an area of high debris concentration, it will move in a spiral
motion to clean the area more thoroughly. When Roomba does this, the CLEAN
button will blink.
To use SPOT Cleaning, place Roomba on top of the localized debris and press
(SPOT) on the robot. Roomba will intensely clean the area by spiraling outward
about 3 feet (1meter) in diameter and then spiraling inward to where it started.
Note: After each use, empty the bin and clean the filter.
Always store Roomba on the Home Base so it’s charged and ready to clean when
you need it. If storing o of the Home Base, remove the battery first and then store
Roomba and the battery in a cool, dry place.
Battery and Charging
Charge Roomba using the Home Base. Indicator lights will turn o after 60 seconds to
conserve energy while Roomba is charging. Check status of the battery by pressing the
CLEAN button to illuminate the Battery Indicator. Indicator will appear amber while the
battery is charging and solid green when fully charged.
Positioning the Home Base
Place the Home Base in an open, uncluttered area leaving the following
distances around the Home Base:
At least 1.5 feet (0.5 meters) on each side of the Home Base
At least 4 feet (1 meter) in front of the Home Base, and at least
4 feet (1 meter) away from stairs
At least 8 feet (2.5 meters) from Virtual Wall Barriers
Always keep the Home Base plugged in and make sure it is in an area
with consistent Wi-Fi
coverage to allow Roomba to receive information
via the iRobot HOME App.
Download the iRobot HOME App and connect to Wi-Fi
Watch an overview video with instructions on how to set-up
and use your Roomba
Set an automatic cleaning schedule (up to 7 times per week)
Enable automatic Software updates
Access to tips, tricks, and answers to commonly asked questions
Use Instructions
Turn your robot over and remove the bin insert and battery pull tabs.
Then place Roomba on the Home Base to activate the battery.
Roomba has a partial battery charge, so it’s ready to start cleaning.
Note: Roomba ships with a partial battery charge. If you start a
cleaning cycle before charging the battery fully, Roomba may return
to the Home Base to recharge sooner than it will during future
cleaning cycles. To fully charge the battery before the first cleaning
cycle, allow Roomba to charge on the Home Base for 3 hours.