Installation is simplied through step-by-step instructions, and the inclusion of an adhesive backed
template for cutting accuracy.
The estimated time required for installation is 30 minutes per door.
The only tools required for installation are as follows:
1. Drill
2. 5/8” or 3/4” holesaw (or drill bit)
3. 1/4” drill bit for drill
4. Metal cutting saw and blades (or power shears)
The contents of this package are:
1. Access door cover
2. Access door frame
3. 1/4” wing nuts for studs
4. Template
5. “E” clips
1. Select best location for access door to be installed. (Access doors must be installed on the side
of the duct).
2. Trim back ducting insulation (if so equipped), to expose a seamless side of grease duct
slightly larger than the self-sticking template. Neatly trim and fold in wire or sheet metal wrap if
equipped. (Template lower edge must not be closer than 2” from duct bottom).
3. Place the template on the metal duct and bore the two 5/8” corner holes as indicated on the
opposing corners of the template using a hole saw or large drill bit.
4. Drill the 1/4” holes where indicated around the outside of the dotted line on the template.
5. Using a reciprocating saw equipped with a metal cutting blade, or power shears, cut around the
dotted line on the template, in the direction of the arrows using the 5/8” holes as a starting point
for each of the four cuts. Remove and properly discard metal plate.
6. Turn the frame diagonally and slip the frame through the hole cut out of the ducting, and once
inside the ducting, turn the frame, and pull back so that the studs protrude through the 1/4” holes,
and the frame rests rmly against the inside wall of the duct.
7. Install one of the “E” clips on each corner, or center stud to hold the frame in place, and then
install the cover plate, gasket side toward the duct.
8. Install one of the wing nuts on each of the studs, and tighten hard in a criss-cross pattern until all
have been installed.
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