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Easy Link PRO Series: Appendix
DVR Users Manual
If you experience any problems in using the DVR, try the following soluons to these common problems before calling
for service. If problems persist, contact the customer service in your area.
Queson: The DVR does not turn on and the indicators are not lit.
Check if the power adapter (12V/2A) is properly connected.
Plug the power cord to another power outlet, the current outlet may be damaged.
The power cord may be damaged, contact the dealer to purchase a new one.
Queson: Some channels have no video signal.
Check if the camera is properly connected.
The camera cable may be damaged, replace with a new one.
Check if the camera is supplied with power.
Queson: I have changed the administrator password but I cannot remember it.
To obtain the factory default password, contact your retailer or directly send an email to KGUARD at
Queson: The remote control is not working.
Make sure nothing is blocking the remote control and the DVR sensor. Aim the remote control at a proper
Check the remote control baeries.
Queson: The DVR does not connect to my Dropbox account or Google Drive.
Dropbox and Google Drive:
Make sure you have installed a hard drive in the DVR (see “Step 2: Install the Hard Disk Drive (HDD)” on page
8), formaed the hard drive (see “Device: HDD” on page 78).
Make sure your DVR has an access to the Internet (WAN port is connected) and Network sengs on DVR are completed. See
“Network: Network” on page 69.
Check that the Cloud Storage funcon is enabled. See “Using Cloud Storage” on page 43.
Reboot your DVR. See Advanced: Maintain” on page 88.
Make sure you have enabled the sending photos and/or videos funcon.
Make sure the channels where you want to upload photos and/or videos are properly congured.
Make sure your have responded to the DVR’s acvaon e-mail within 3 minutes. If more me has passed, click
Acvate Cloud buon again in DVR’s Main Menu to resend the acvaon e-mail. See “Using Cloud Storage” on page 43.
Make sure the Receiver Email is correct. See “Using Cloud Storage” on page 43.
If you have congured Advanced e-mail sengs, make sure the SMTP server name, port, SSL condion are
configured correctly and the sender e-mail address and password are typed in correctly. See “Using Cloud Storage” on page 43.