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Easy Link PRO Series: Appendix
DVR Users Manual
Google Drive:
Make sure you have entered correctly your Gmail account and password.
Queson: I am geng too many email alerts.
Check the Sending Interval seng for the email alerts. See “Network: Email” on page 72.
If the DVR keep reporng errors such as Video Loss or HDD error, check if the camera is properly connected or
other hardware conguraons.
Queson: I cannot access the web client.
Check if the network cable is properly connected to the DVR.
Check if the UPnP funcon is enabled in router and DVR or if the router does not support UPnP, then make sure
the port forwarding is completed.
Check if the network sengs are properly congured. See “Network: Network” on page 69.
Ensure that you have Internet Explorer 6 or above.
Queson: The buzzer keeps on sounding.
Check the alarm sengs. Moon Detecon or Video Loss may be detected. Check the HDD capacity and the
video connecons, which may be triggering the alarm.