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Easy Link PRO Series: Quick Setup Guide
DVR Users Manual
HDD Management
If you start up the DVR for the rst me, you need to format the HDD. Only then the DVR can record the footages on it.
To format the HDD, check the Select checkbox and click Format HDD. A warning message opens where you are asked
to conrm your selecon. Click OK.
Wait for the Format nished! nocaon message to appear on the screen. Click OK.
NOTE: Next me you startup the DVR, the recording from the cameras is performed automacally, or based on a
dened schedule, and you do not need to reformat the HDD again, unless there is a problem with the hard disk.
Overwrite: Use this opon to overwrite the old recordings on the HDD when the HDD is full. For example, if you
choose the opon 7 days then only the last 7 days recordings are kept on the HDD. To prevent overwring any old
recordings, select Disable.
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