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Easy Link PRO Series: Quick Setup Guide
DVR Users Manual
Network Conguraon
Network sengs should be congured if you want to connect to the DVR remotely for live viewing or for example, if
you want the DVR to synchronize the date and me automacally.
Type: Select the network type you are using. The most common types are DHCP or Stac. Most probably your network
type is DHCP, unless the network is manually addressed (usually called- Stac).
NOTE: If your network type is Stac, ask your ISP for assistance on determining the IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway,
and DNS 1/2 server. If your network type is DHCP, your DVR will obtain the connecon parameters, like IP address,
Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS 1/(2) automacally.
Client Port and HTTP Port: For me being, keep the default port values. Client and HTTP ports are important to
congure before accessing the DVR remotely from a PC via HTTP Interface or smart phone/tablet.
For the rst me startup, you do not need to congure Email or DDNS.
Click Apply. A nocaon message appears on the screen, click OK.
Another nocaon messages appears on the screen, asking your conrmaon to disable Startup Wizard aer reboot.
Click Yes.
The DVR will reboot.