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Easy Link PRO Series: Understanding the Live Viewing Screen
DVR Users Manual
PTZ Use this menu item to congure the PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) sengs for a PTZ speed dome
camera. Aer you click
, the PTZ control panel opens.
Channel Select
Pointer Pan
Zoom / Focus / Iris Time
Go to Preset Point
Set Preset
Channel Select (
): Click to select the channel of the PTZ camera.
Speed ( ): Scroll the speed scroll bar, to select how fast you want
the camera to lt, pan and zoom. The higher the number, the faster movement.
No.: Click to set the current preset point that is being edited.
Total: Displays the number of the total preset points.
Go to Preset Point (
): Click to move the camera to the selected preset
Set Preset Point (
): Click the arrows (see Pointer Pan) to move the camera
to the desired direcon, then click Set to set a specic preset point on a PTZ
NOTE: You can set up to 255 preset points for the DVR. However, the actual
preset quanty varies depending on the PTZ camera performance.
Clear (
): Click to delete the selected preset point.
Save (
): Click to save changes.
Time: Set the me how long the camera will pause at each preset point when
using the Cruise mode.
Zoom / Focus / Iris: If you are using a variable zoom PTZ camera, zooming in
increases the size of the object on the display but reduces the eld of view. Use
Focus funcon to make the image clear on the display. Use Iris funcon to control
how much light gets into the camera. If the view on the screen looks too bright,
lower the iris value, if too dark then increase the value.
Pointer Pan (
): Click the direcon arrow to select the direcon of the
PTZ camera. Click the middle icon to switch to auto pan