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Easy Link PRO Series: Understanding the Live Viewing Screen
DVR Users Manual
Start / Stop Cruise Before using this funcon, you need to enable it in the Main Menu-> Device -> PTZ ->
Cruise [Enable].
You also need to set the preset points for each channel through the PTZ control panel.
The preset point will act for the camera as a series of cruise movements.
To start the Cruise mode for a PTZ camera, click
. To stop the Cruise mode, click
to stop the Cruise mode.
Zoom To use this funcon, you need to duble-click on a channel, to open the live view on a
full screen mode. Right-click on Live Viewing screen and click on Zoom opon. Then
zoom in the area.
Zoom area
Record Search Click to search for recorded videos to play back. See more details on searching for
recorded videos on “Search: Record Search” on page 62.
Start / Stop Record Click to start/stop manual recording. Please be noted that if you start a manual
recording, the recording will stop only when you click again REC buon.