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Easy Link PRO Series: Accessibility Features
DVR Users Manual
Accessibility Features
Aer the DVR is connected to the Internet (see “Network: Network” on page 69), you can connect to the DVR
remotely, using a PC or smart phone/tablet. Depending on the remote device (PC or smart phone/tablet), you can see
the live view from the cameras, using KViewQR app (smart phone/tablet (iOS/Android)) or Web Client (PC). More
about Web Client, please see “Remote Access Via Web Client” on page 93.
For high availability you can also congure the DVR to upload photos/video from your cameras to your Dropbox or
Google account. To use this service, make sure you have installed a hard drive in the DVR (see “Step 2: Install the Hard
Disk Drive (HDD)” on page 8), formaed the hard drive (see “Device: HDD” on page 78), and you have completed
the conguraon of the network parameters on DVR.
Downloading KViewQR App
Before using the smart phone/tablet for accessing remotely the DVR, you need to complete the network conguraon
on DVR.
NOTE: Instead of searching for the KViewQR App on App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android), you can use your smart
phone/tablet to scan in the QR code on top of the DVR for accessing the KViewQR App download page directly.
The following table describes the compable devices and plaorms:
Quick Reference
Instead of searching for the
KViewQR App, you can use
your smart phone/tablet
and simply scan in the QR
code on top of the DVR to
access the app download
Default access informaon:
User Name: admin
Password: 123456
Plaorm Supported Operang System Free App Name Get App From
5.0 or above
Apple App
3.0 or above
Google Play
For the remote connecon, do the following:
Step 1: Connect the DVR to the network
a. Connect the power adapter to the DVR. See “Step 4: Power ON the DVR” on page 18.
b. Connect an RJ-45 cable from the LAN port on the back of the DVR to an available port on a router.
See “Step 3: Make the Connecons” on page 15.
c. Complete the network conguraon on DVR.
See “Network: Network” on page 69.
NOTE: If you are not sure in the network connecon type or in network sengs, always ask your Internet Service
Provider (ISP).