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Easy Link PRO Series: Accessibility Features
DVR Users Manual
Acvate Cloud
Aer you nish conguring the Cloud Storage sengs, click Acve Cloud to let the DVR to link to Dropbox. When the
linking is done, an acvaon e-mail will be sent to the Receivers e-mail account.
NOTE: Instead of checking e-mail, you can also use your smart phone/tablet to scan in the QR code displayed on the
acvaon nocaon message for compleng the acvaon. Please refer to “For smart phone/tablet users:” on page
Click OK to connue.
NOTE: Please check e-mail and click on Acvate Cloud link within 3 minutes.
For PC users:
Follow the on-screen instrucons to complete the cloud account acvaon. When the acvaon is complete, a new
folder is added to your Dropbox folder list.
NOTE: If you use the default SMTP server and received the error message then please check your receiver e-mail
address and network sengs.