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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
Operang the DVR
You probably come to this secon because the default conguraon of the DVR does not quite sasfy your needs,
or you wish to learn more about your DVR. Therefore you need to access the DVR’s sengs menu (Main Menu). The
Main Menu can be accessed locally or via a Web Client. More informaon on Web Client, please see “Remote Access
Via Web Client” on page 93.
Through Main Menu you may want to modify the following common sengs:
Moon Detecon: Change the way how the moon is handled by default. See Alarm: Moon” on page 76.
(Recording) Schedule: To set up your own recording schedule. See “Record: Schedule” on page 60.
Network: Congure the DVR’s access parameters to the network. See “Network: Network” on page 69.
Main Menu
Right-click on Live Viewing screen and click on .
Display: Congure everything to do with displaying, footage color setup, video output resoluon, seng privacy
zones and more.
Record: Congure the recording opons (for example, resoluon) and seng up recording schedules for
Search: Search for recordings (play the recording opon), events and logs by dierent types.
Network: Congure the DVR’s access parameters to the network, dene the parameters (for example, resoluon)
for the remote stream, congure e-mail sengs for receiving nocaons and DDNS parameters.
Alarm: Set the moon area and sensivity (very important parameters when conguring an DVR), conguring the
alarm sengs (what happens if an alarm occurs).
Device: View how many hours of recording the internal HDD provides and decide the HDD overwrite opons.
Here you can also congure the PTZ conguraon parameters and connecon parameters to link your DVR to
your Dropbox account or Google Drive.
System: Here you can congure the date and me parameters, change the language of the DVR’s interface,
modify users and view the general informaon about the system. In this menu you can also see the QR code for
accessing your DVR from your smart phone/tablet.
Advanced: Modify the basic maintenance tasks (for example, scheduled reboot). Determine the startup opons,
perform the rmware update, safely shut down the system.