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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
Display: Output
Video Output: This is the video output of the main monitor that you use for live view display.
View Setup: If the View Setup is disabled, you will see SEQ Time menu opon. This opon allows you to set the
me in seconds, how long you want the channel to be displayed on the Live Viewing screen. For example, all four
cameras (depending on the purchased model) are connected, and the set SEQ Time is 001, then press START
SEQ icon (
) (see “Pop-Up Menu on Live Viewing Screen” on page 30). The live views from cameras are
displayed in 1 second interval in the sequence: 4-split display -> Channel 1 -> Channel 2 -> Channel 3 -> Channel 4.
SEQ Time: Set how long you want the live view from a channel to be displayed in a sequence.
View Mode: This opon is available only if you have enabled View Setup. Single is the default live mode. It
means that a live view from one channel is displayed in full screen mode.
If you want to see the live view from more than one channel, then select Quad, Nine, or Sixteen (Sixteen is only
available on 16CH DVR ). Click Dene SEQ seng to dene which live view from the channel is shown on full
screen if you have chosen Single mode or in what order the channels will be displayed on Live Viewing screen if
you choose Split mode.
NOTE: If you have not connected all channels, make sure you do not set an “empty” channel for live view.
Single Mode