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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
Record: Schedule
Normal recording / moon triggered recording only takes place according to the set schedule. If it is not set correctly,
the consequences may be lead to losing important video coverage. Aer you set the schedule, please make sure you
enable recording for the channel in REC Para menu. See “Record: REC Para” on page 59.
The recording schedule lets you to set up a schedule daily and hourly by normal (connuous) recording and moon
Slot for Normal
Slot for Moon
4-Channel/8-Channel Schedule
Slot for Alarm
16-Channel Schedule
By default, the record mode for all connected channels is set to Normal. It means the DVR will connuously record 24
hours a day to ensure that you will not miss any important happenings. However, the disadvantage is that the HDD
space will become full very fast.
Channel: Select the channel where you want to apply the schedule.
Week: Select the day of the week where you want to apply the schedule. For example, aer you dene the
schedule for Monday, you can use the Copy funcon to apply the same schedule for Tuesday ~ Friday.
Normal (N) Recording: When the me slot is marked green, it means the channel performs normal recording for
that me slot. If you do not want to record all 24 hours in a specied day, click on the green slot to mark it No
Record (gray slot).