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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
Moon (M) Recording: When the me slot is marked yellow, it means the channel records only when a moon
is detected during that me slot. We recommend to use this type of recording. The moon recording means that
the recording is triggered only if a movement is detected.
To use the moon detecon, you must enable and congure the moon sengs for the channel in Alarm menu.
See Alarm: Moon” on page 76.
Alarm Recording (for 16-channel only): When the me slot is marked red, the channel records only when the
sensor is triggered during that me slot.
No Record: A me slot marked gray means that there is no recording scheduled for the me slot.
Record: Record Setup
This menu allows you to congure all the parameters related to the recording, for example reocrding mode, resoluon
frame rate, quality and audio recording opons.
Mode: Select the video resoluon mode between 960H and D1. 960H is the latest standard for security DVRs,
providing high resoluon images using advanced image sensors. In comparison to D1 standard, the 960H images
are about 34% larger. When you select the 960H mode, the FPS (frames per second) value cannot exceed the
total FPS.
NOTE: It is recommended to use 600TVL or higher resoluon cameras if recording resoluon mode is set to
Resoluon/FPS: These parameters dene, how large the recorded images will be and how many images per
second. The maximum number of FPS for NTSC video standard is 30 and for PAL is 25.
The resoluon opons vary, depending on the video resoluon mode. If you have selected 960H, the available
resoluons are the following: WD1, WHD1, or WCIF. If you have selected D1, then available resoluons are
the following: D1, HD1, or CIF. Please see more informaon on the opons in the Specicaons secon (see
“Specicaons” on page 103).
Quality: Choose the video quality. Best means the lowest compression rate but larger video le size. The Quality
opons are as follows: Normal, Good, Beer, and Best.
Audio: The audio recording is available only for channel 1~2 on 4/8CH DVR and channel 1~4 on 16CH DVR. If you
want the audio (sound) to be recorded, check the checkbox.