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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
When the backup is complete, click OK to close the Backup Status screen.
NOTE: Do not remove the USB device while le transferring is in progress.
Search: Log
The Log menu displays a list of events, presented in chronological order: the most recent events will be at the end of
the list. The Log will list all events that the DVR monitored.
Log Type: Select the log type among All, System, Cong, Alarm, Account, Record or Storage.
Start Time/End Time: Specify the start and end date/me of the logs you want to review and/or save on an
external USB storage device. Click Search. The logs will be listed on the table.
NOTE: If you want to backup the log to an external storage, make sure the USB storage device is connected into
the USB port of the DVR.