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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
Network: Remote Stream
This menu allows you to congure the video output sengs of a parcular channel if the channel is being viewed via
remote access.
NOTE: The remote stream parameters apply for accessing the remote live view via smart phone/tablet (using
KViewQR) and via PC (using IE-based Web Client).
Video: You can choose to enable or disable video output from a specic channel. If the video output is disabled,
you will not be able to see the live view from that channel when connecng to the DVR remotely.
FPS: Select how many image per second are transfered when viewing the channel remotely.
NOTE: Making changes to the remote frame rate per second, does not aect the DVR’s recording frame rate.
Quality: Select the video quality when viewing the channel remotely. Decide this opon upon the Internet speed
in the locaon of the remote device.
Audio: Check the audio (sound) checkbox if you want to listen to the sound from the camera during the remote
session. Please be noted that the audio opon is available only for the channel 1~2 on 4/8CH DVR and channel
1~4 on 16CH DVR.
NOTE: The audio opon is available in the condion that the camera is audio-enabled or a microphone is