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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
Network: Email
Please complete the Email sengs if you want to receive a nocaon e-mail when a moon is detected, HDD
becomes full, HDD is in error state, or Video Loss occurs.
SSL: Enable if your e-mail server requires the SSL vericaon. If you are not sure, please consult your e-mail
service provider. For example, if you are using Gmail then this opon should be enabled.
SMTP Port: Enter the SMTP port of your e-mail server. For example, if you are using Gmail, the SMTP port is 465.
SMTP Server: Enter the SMTP server address of your e-mail.
Sender Email: Enter your e-mail address.
Sender Password: Enter the password of your e-mail.
Receiver Email: Enter the e-mail address where you want to receive the event nocaons from the DVR.
Interval: Congure the length of the me interval between the nocaon e-mails from DVR. Please be
noted that if you set the interval, for example 1 minute, have not congured the e-mail event Schedule, and
your mailbox has a size limit, then your mailbox may become full very fast. In this case you may miss the new
nocaons from the DVR.
Email: You need to enable the e-mail funcon, to allow the DVR to send you nocaon e-mails when an event
occurs. For your convenience, you can dene a schedule when and what type of events you want to be noed.
To set up a schedule, click Schedule.
Slot for Moon
Slot for Excepon
(HDD full, HDD
error, or Video
Email Schedule
Slot for Alarm
NOTE: Alarm is only available for 16-channel model.