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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
Alarm: Moon
About Moon Detecon
The DVR detects the moon by comparing one frame to another. A sucient amount of dierence is interpreted as
moon. As a result, the DVR is able to detect when there is a change in the picture and to iniate the recording.
Set Moon Detecon Area
By default, the whole screen is marked for moon detecon (red block).If you want to disable moon detecon on an
area, you need to click the grid cursor and then drag the mouse to highlight the scope to unmark the area (transparent
block) for moon detecon.
Seng Moon Area
CH: Select the channel you want to set the moon detecon.
Enable: Enable the moon detecon for a channel.
Area: Click Setup, to dene the moon area. See above.
Sensivity: It is very important to set the moon detecon on a suitable seinsivity level. To nd the best
sensivity level, test the feature. For example, see how the moon event is triggered in normal and low light
condions (during day me and night). If you set the moon detecon at a high sensivity levels (“8” is the
most sensive) then the frequency of false alarm events increases. Vice versa if the seinsivity level is too low
(“1” is the least sensive), you might increase the risk that a signicant moon event will not trigger the moon
detecon to record.