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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
Show Message: Check the box to display “
“ icon on the screen when the moon is detected.
Buzzer: The DVR can use its internal buzzer to emit an alarm tone. By default this feature is OFF but if you want,
you can set the buzzer duraon in seconds when the moon is detected.
Send Email: You can let the DVR to send you an auto-e-mail when the moon is detected. To set up the e-mail
schedule, see “Network: Email” on page 72.
Full Screen: If this funcon is enabled and the moon is detected, the corresponding channel will be displayed in
full screen.
Record Channel: You can check the box to enable recording and then select the channels to record when the
moon is detected.
Post Recording: You can set how long aer an event occurs that the DVR will connue to record. The
recommended recording length is 30 seconds but it can be set higher up to 5 minutes.
Other Alarm Sengs (16-Channel only)
To congure what acons the DVR should do when sensors are triggered.
Alarm In: Select which channels to respond when sensors are triggered.
Alarm Type: Select the alarm and sensor type: NO (Normal-Open), NC (Normal-Close), or OFF to disable alarm
Alarm Out: If an external alarm device is connected, check the checkbox to make the device sound the alarm
when sensors are triggered.
Dwell Time: Select the alarm sound duraon (10S/20S/40S/60S) when sensors are triggered.
NOTE: For Show Message, Buzzer, Send Email, Full Screen, Record Channel, and Post Recording elds, please see the
descripon above (“Set Moon Detecon Area” on page 76).