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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
Device: HDD
In this menu you can view and congure the internal HDD, that the DVR uses for saving the reocrdings. You will see the
state, free/total space and free recording me informaon concerning the HDD.
If you start up the DVR for the rst me, you need to format the HDD.
NOTE: Make sure you are not formang an HDD that has already data on it, unless you want to delete the previous
Format HDD/Format USB: First you need to select the HDD for formang. Check the Select check-box. A warning
message appears on screen, asking your conrmaon to delete all data on the disk aer formang. Click OK.
Wait unl the HDD is formaed. For example, formang a 500GB HDD will take about 1-2 minutes. When the
formang is complete, a nocaon appears on the screen. Click OK.
Overwrite: Use this opon to overwrite the old recordings on the HDD when the HDD is full. For example, if you
choose the opon 7 days then only the last 7 days recordings are kept on the HDD. To prevent overwring any
old recordings, select Disable. If you have disabled this funcon, please check the HDD status regularily, to make
sure the HDD is not full.