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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
NOTE: You can set four channels to upload photos to the cloud storage.
Channel: Select the four channels where you want to upload the photos to Dropbox.
Interval: Set the photo uploading interval.
Moon Detecon: Enable if you want to upload photos to Dropbox when the camera detects a moon. Click
Moon Setup if you have not yet set the moon area. Please see Alarm: Moon” on page 76.
Click Apply to save the sengs.
Upload Video: Enable and click Apply if you want to upload videos from the cameras when a moon is detected.
Click Setup to congure the video upload opons.
Channel: Select the channel where you want to upload the videos to Dropbox. When the day/me slot is
marked yellow, it means the videos are uploaded to Dropbox when a moon is detected during the
specied day/hour.
You can only choose one channel where to upload videos.
In one hour the system uploads maximum 3 footages.
The maximum duraon of each uploaded footage is 10 seconds.
Click Apply to save the sengs.
Click Acvate Cloud to let the DVR to link to Dropbox. When the linking is done, an acvaon e-mail will be sent to the
Receivers e-mail account. Please see “Using Cloud Storage” on page 43.
If you successfully receive the cloud acvaon e-mail, you do not need to congure the advanced e-mail sengs.
TIP: See the connecon status below the screen. For example, a nocaon of a successful connecon:
NOTE: Every me the cloud storage account is changed or HDD is formaed, you must acvate cloud again to
recognize the changes.