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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
If you need to congure the advanced e-mail sengs, click on Advanced E-mail Setup buon.
Email: Enable advanced e-mail setup.
SSL: Enable if your e-mail server requires the SSL vericaon. If you are not sure, please consult your e-mail
service provider. For example, if you are using Gmail then this opon should be enabled.
SMTP Port: Enter the SMTP port of your e-mail server. For example, if you are using Gmail, the SMTP port is 465.
SMTP Server: Enter the SMTP server address of your e-mail.
Sender Email: Enter the e-mail address of your e-mail.This e-mail address is used by the DVR only for sending you
the acvaon e-mail for asking your acceptance to link the DVR to the Dropbox.
Sender PWD: Enter the password of your e-mail.
Aer all sengs are complete, click Apply. For tesng the sengs, click Email Test.