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Easy Link PRO Series: Operang the DVR
DVR Users Manual
Advanced: Events
In this menu you can congure what acon the DVR should do when an event occurs. It allows you to monitor the
situaon with the HDD, to prevent happening a situaon when the DVR is not able to record the video from the
cameras to the internal HDD or when a connecon to the camera(s) is lost.
Event Type: Select the event type you want to congure among Disk Full, Disk Error or Video Loss.
Enable: Click to enable the monitoring of the event.
Buzzer: You can set a buzzer sound if a disk becomes full, disk is in error state or a connecon to the camera is
lost. The available me period for the buzzer sound is from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. For example, if Disk Full
event is triggered, the buzzer will sound for 10 seconds (please see the screenshot above). If you do not want to
associate a buzzer whith an event, then select OFF from the drop-down menu.
Show Message: Check the box to display a message on screen when the alarm is triggered.
Send Email: You can let the DVR to send you an auto-e-mail when an alarm occurs. To set up the e-mail schedule,
see “Network: Email” on page 72.