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Easy Link PRO Series: Remote Access Via Web Client
DVR Users Manual
Remote Access Via Web Client
Use the Web Client to remotely access your DVR at anyme via a PC. Before you access the Web Client, you need to
ensure that the network sengs of the DVR are congured properly. The most convenient and easiest way is if you
have set the DVR a stac IP address (see “Network type: Stac” on page 69). It means you only need to open the
web browser on your PC and type in the stac IP address you have set on the DVR. However, if the IP address of the
DVR is assigned by a DHCP server (see “Network type: DHCP” on page 69), then it means that each me you reboot
the DVR, the IP address changes. In this case, ask if your ISP can provide you a stac IP address. If not, then congure
the DDNS service. See the network sengs in “Network: Network” on page 69 and “Network: DDNS” on page 73.
Also, please make sure the UPnP is congured in the DVR and router, or the manual port forwarding is completed in
the router.
Logging In
To access the DVR remotely from a PC, open your computer web browser and enter the DVR stac IP address or DDNS
domain name (Host Name) you have set on DVR in the URL box.
The User login page opens.
Enter the user name and password. Click Login buon.
The default DVR user name is “admin” and default password is “123456”.
The client port number must exactly match with the client port set on DVR.
See “Network: Network” on page 69.
Click Remember Pwd if you want to log in automacally.