User Manual

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Easy Link PRO Series: Remote Access Via Web Client
DVR Users Manual
Interface Overview
Aer you log in to Web Client, the live screen appears.
NOTE: The number of channels displayed may vary depending on the DVR model. The illustraon below is from a
8-channel DVR.
No. Item
1 Main Menu
Click a menu item to access. Opons are:
Live: For viewing the Live screen, manage recordings and playback opons.
Playback: Allows you to search, playback, and download recorded videos.
Remote Seng: Allows you to congure the DVR remotely.
Local Seng: Allows you to specify the local disk drive locaon to save recorded
videos, captured screen shots, and downloaded videos.
Logout: Click to logout from the Web Client.
2 Channel Controls
Lists all channels that can be connected to the DVR.
The icons of each channel are used to manage the channel.
3 Display Screen Displays the channels in grid mode or full screen mode.
4 Display Controls Controls for live viewing display, switching screen modes, mute the sound.
5 PTZ Controls Manage the PTZ speed dome.