Installation guide

m M
with seff-cJeaning oven
Tip Over Hazard
A child or adult can tip the range and
be killed,
Connect anti-tip bracket to rear
range foot.
Reconnect the anti-tip bracket, if the
range is moved.
FaiJure to follow these instructions can
result in death or serious burns to
Before you start
Product dimensions
Cabinet dimensions/requirements
Electrical requirements
Installation steps
Check operation
if range does not operate
if you need assistance/service
Moving the range
children and aduJts.
ww, w,,wh M pool ,corn
Read and save these
Installer: Leave Installation
hstructions with the homeowner,
Homeowner: Keep installation
instructions for future reference,
Read and save these instructions for
local electrical inspector's use,
Write down the model and serial
numbers before installing range,
Both numbers are listed on the
model/serial rating plate located
on the oven frame behind the
storage drawer panel,
Model #
Serial # Part No. 9759923

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