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Datasheet: Electro-Fashion Conductive Thread
This is Kitronik's Electro-Fashion® branded Conductive Thread. We think it is among the best conductive thread
available. It is perfect for hand sewing and can also be used on the bottom bobbin of a sewing machine (this will
require the thread to be wound on to the smaller bottom bobbin first).
Conductive thread can be used like conventional sewing thread, however it electrically conducts allowing electronics
to be integrated into textiles. This makes it ideal for use in a range of e-textile applications.
The thread is nano platted with silver to make it conductive. The conductive thread has a low resistance of
approximately 40 Ohms per metre. This allows LEDs to be powered over quite large distances.
Stock Code: Description:
2724 2m ‘T-Shirt’
2727 6m ‘T-Shirt’
2722 45m Reel
Longer lengths are available on request (MOQ may apply).
No (or very low) fray.
Conductivity = approximately 40Ω per metre.
Count = 875 dTex.
Strength 3000 cN.
Elongation at break = 37%.
Twist = 240Z-380S.
Approximately 18 denier (this is heavier than a regular sewing thread, but not as heavy as an upholstery

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