The Kramer SPK-W613 In-Wall Speakers
Thank you for purchasing the Kramer
SPK-W613 In-Wall Speakers (rectangular) that
are ideal for multimedia and boardroom
The SPK-W613 includes a pair of high
performance speakers that can be mounted in
the wall vertically or horizontally.
Choosing the Best Location
Ideally, locate the speakers in the main listening area. Before doing so, be sure that the:
Desired location is free of obstructions, such as electrical piping, AC ducts or water lines,
and so on
Thickness of the mounting surface is between 0.375" and 1.25", and that there is at least a
space of 2.75" behind the mounting surface for open back speakers
Rear side of the speaker is not blocked by wall studs or other objects
Cutting the Tile
To cut the tile, do the following:
1. Remove the circle/rectangle in the supplied cardboard template.
Keep this piece of cardboard for later use as a mask, as you may want to paint the speakers
2. Mark the opening in the correct location by tracing it on the wall.
3. Cut out the opening according to the template or with a circular cutter set to the appropriate
cutout size.
Initially, you can cut a smaller area inside the marked hole just to be sure that the space above the
speakers is clear
4. Route the wiring from the amplifier to the speakers’ cutout holes, taking care not to place
them next to electrical wires or at least at a distance of about two feet from an AC line.
Do not nail or staple the speakers' wires
For reinforcing the speakers, you can use the Kramer SKIC mounting kit
See the separate user manual on our Web site at
Installing the Open Back Speakers
To install the speakers, do the following:
1. Remove the grille over the speakers by inserting a paper clip into one of the grille openings
and pulling it upward.
2. Position the mounting tabs (see Figure 1) inward.
Figure 1: Position the Mounting Tabs
3. Insert the supplied screws into the screw openings from the front of the speakers.
4. Connect the speaker wires (we recommend that you use our Kramer BC-2S cables) to the
speaker terminals.
5. Insert the speaker into the opening and tighten the screws.
When tightening the screws, the tabs automatically turn outward, thus clamping the
speaker to the wall from its rear side.
Note: Do not over-tighten the screws. This may cause damage to both the speakers and
the surface.
6. Push the grille firmly into the slot in the speaker baffle.
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: 2-way component speaker
HIGH FREQUENCY DRIVER: 1" ferrofluid cooled
LOW FREQUENCY DRIVER: 6.5" Polypropylene cone woofer
SENSITIVITY (1 Watt, 1 Meter): 89dB
POWER RATING: 80W nominal, 120W Max
80 Watts
WEIGHT PER SINGLE SPEAKER: 1.6kg (3.5lbs) approx.
SHIPPING WEIGHT (FOR PAIR): 3.8kg (8.4lbs) approx.
DIMENSIONS: 30.5cm x 21.6cm (12” x 8.5”)
CUTOUT SIZE: 27.3cm x 18.54cm (10.75” x 7.3”)
Kramer SKIC mounting kit
Specifications are subject to change without notice at

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