Operation Manual

Language selection: Select your language to continue.
The language can be changed later from the Android
Wi-Fi connection: Select a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect
to Wi-Fi (not mandatory but highly recommended).
Date & Time settings: If connected to Wi-Fi, the date
and time will be set automatically. If not, set the
correct date and time.
Apps & Data restoration:
This screen appears if you already have a Google
account on another device. You may want to restore
the data and apps you had on that device. If not, choose
“Set up as new device”.
Parental Account Configuration: Enter your email
address and check the Terms of Use.
Security password: To protect your parental account,
you must set up a password (Text, Pin code or visual
pattern). Select an option, validate it and continue.
Restore preloads content: This pop-up is displayed
only after a factory reset: it allows you to download
and install all the original apps. Skip this screen if
you don’t want to restore the preloads.
Kurio Parental Account Setup
Create 1st child profile
You can create your first child’s profile now or
choose to create it later. Continue to access
Kurio Genius.
Child profile Configuration
Enter name, date of birth (important) and select
the gender of your child. Validate.
Create a Kurio Child Profile