Operation Manual

Profiles menu
Child’s menu
Kurio Profile Interface
To access this menu, press the menu icon at the bottom right.
Create a new child profile.
Delete the current child profile.
Select another child profile if you created more than one.
Access Parental account settings.
Change my avatar: Press here to select another avatar or to take a picture as the child's profile avatar.
Change my theme: Press here to select another theme.
Change my wallpaper: Press here to pick a new wallpaper or picture from the gallery.
Change my password: Press here to create or modify the child 's profile password.
Help: Press here to read the help screens of the child's profile.
Switch user: Press here to log out from this profile and access another one.
Avatar: The avatar can be modified from the Child’s menu.
Categories: Use the categories to find your different apps.
Favorites: Drag and drop your favorite apps in the Favorites tab.
Store: Access directly the KIDOZ Store.
Kurio Genius: Access the Kurio Genius app directly from your child profile with your parental password.
Switch user: Use this app to switch to another profile quickly.
Updater: Use this app to update, install or uninstall the tablet’s preloaded apps with your parental password.
Child’s menu: Access the different options of the child 's profile interface.