Operation Manual

If you have any questions setting up or using your tablet, please visit www.kurioworld.com to find out
more about Kurio, read our FAQs, and for any technical support. All of our products have a 1 Year
Limited Warranty. In the unlikely event you experience any problems with your Kurio, please visit
www.kurioworld.com/support to contact Kurio Customer Care. You may also contact Customer Care
through the Customer Care/Kurio Support applications on the device. If the service representative is
unable to solve the issue, he or she will provide instructions regarding how to have your Kurio serviced
if it is under warranty.
Please note that this tablet is warranted only to the original purchaser for a period of twelve months
from the original purchase date, under normal use and service, against defective workmanship and
materials. If the product is damaged due to accident, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance,
such as a broken screen, fall, water damage, etc., this damage is not covered by the warranty. Please
still contact Kurio Customer Service for repair & replacement options, especially for a broken screen or
other spare parts.
Please visit www.kurioworld.com for the full details of Kurio’s 1 Year Limited Warranty.
Tech Support & Warranty Information
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For more information about Kurio, please go to www.kurioworld.com or contact:
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Stand: The Kurio stand, located at the back of the tablet, can be used to hold the tablet straight and steady on top of a
shelf such as a table.
Looking at the back of the tablet, grab the stand from its left side to take it off. Place the stand on top of the
slot provided at the left side of the bumper. Position it on top of one of the two stoppers depending on the angle you desire:
Push the stand to insert it in (A) or (B) until it is held by the bumper. To remove the Kurio stand, simply drag its right side
towards the back of the tablet and place it back in the center.
SD card: An SD card can be used for additional storage (files, pictures, videos, etc…).
Warning: it is NOT POSSIBLE to install apps on the SD card due to Android Policy.
Made in China
Printed in China
Warning! Permanent hearing loss may occur if earphones or headphones are used at high volume for
prolonged periods of time
(A) Bottom stopper: allows an inclined
position, ideal to face the tablet while sitting.
(B) Top stopper: allows a straight position,
ideal to face the tablet while standing.