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Before You Start
Your CVT And Cover Kit is exclusively designed for your
Land Pride 4210ST & 4410ST Trekers. Please read
these installation instructions and your vehicle
Operator’s Manual thoroughly before beginning.
Especially read information relating to safety concerns.
Also included in the Operator’s Manual is important
information on operation, adjustment, troubleshooting,
and maintenance for this kit (some manual sections do
not apply to all accessories).
A separate Parts Manual for replacement parts can be
purchased from your dealer or available free of charge at Have model and serial numbers
handy when placing an order.
Manual Part Numbers:
Operator’s Manual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 700-108M
Parts Manual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 700-109P
General Information
These assembly instructions apply to the following CVT
And Cover Kit Accessories listed below:
Tools required:
Safety glasses
Work gloves
Center punch
Electric drill with 1/8" drill bit
Extension cord (if required)
Phillips screwdriver
3/16" hex socket wrench
11/32" box end or open end wrench
7/16" box end or open end wrench
Two 1/2" box end or open end wrenches
9/16" box end or open end wrench
3/8" or 1/2" ratchet wrench with 3" extension
and 3/4" socket
Pop Rivet Gun
T-27 Torx driver
When you see this symbol, the subsequent
instructions and warnings are serious - follow
without exception. Your life and the lives of
others depend on it!
IMPORTANT: Before you begin, read these
instructions and check to be sure all parts and tools
are accounted for. Please retain these installation
instructions for future reference and parts ordering
Further Assistance
Your dealer wants you to be satisfied with your new CVT
And Cover Kit. If for any reason you do not understand
any part of this manual or are not satisfied with the
service received, the following actions are suggested:
1. Discuss the matter with your dealership service
manager making sure he is aware of any problems
you may have and that he has had the opportunity to
assist you.
2. If you are still not satisfied, seek out the owner or
general manager of the dealership, explain the
problem and request assistance.
3. For further assistance write to:
Land Pride Service Department
1525 East North Street
P.O. Box 5060
Salina, Ks. 67402-5060
E-mail address
Assembly Instructions
A detailed listing of parts for this accessory kit is provided
on page 6. Use the list as a checklist to inventory parts
received. Please contact your local Land Pride dealer for
any missing hardware.
Initial Preparations
The steps listed below must be followed before installing
this kit:
Securely support cargo box in the up position to prevent
injury when working under the cargo box.
1. Park vehicle on a level surface. Don’t work under or
around a vehicle parked on an incline.
2. Move gear shift lever to park, and chock front and
back of any wheel to prevent vehicle from rolling.
3. Raise cargo box fully up and securely support it in
the up position to prevent injury while working
around the engine.
4. Turn ignition switch off and remove switch key.
Treker 4210/4410 ST Series
CVT And Cover Kit
Assembly Instructions
Manual No. 700-520M

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