! The natural density of Shorea wood means that even if your furniture is left outside
during wet weather, it is resistant to rot. The timber will become smooth as the furniture
weathers to a silver gray color, very similar to that of teak. If you are going to leave your
furniture outdoors permanently, it is highly recommended you treat with an application
of UV resistant teak oil twice a year. This will not only protect the wood; it will also keep
the original rich color of the timber and prevent it from turning gray.
! Small cracks and fissures may develop with changes in humidity and temperature. This
is a natural, uncontrollable characteristic of solid wood furniture and is completely
! Although our product is UV and weather resistant, there is no fabric completely resistant
to the effects of prolonged periods of sun exposure, storm and wild weather exposure.
For the longevity of this product, we highly recommend you remove all fabric furnishings
to prevent fading and sun damage, and when your furniture is not in use for long
Product must be oiled twice a year or warranty will be void. Care instructions for fabric
furnishings must be followed or warranty will be void

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