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Fiber Raceway Solid and Slotted Ducting
Fiber Raceway Solid and Slotted Ducting
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2222 – 222nd St. SE • Bothell, WA 98021 USA • Tel: 1-800-722-2082 / 1-425-485-4288 • Fax: 1-425-483-5270 • Int'l Fax: 1-425-485-9170 • GSA Schedule Available
For Technical Support Call 1-425-485-4288; in USA call 1-800-824-3005
Spec sheets and updates are also available at
Manufactured of Noryl plastic; a non-halogen, fire
retardant material.
Mounts above equipment rack, below floor, suspended,
or wall mount.
Available in single quantities or bulk packs.
May be utilized to store and route copper cable in an indoor
environment. It is recommended that fiber and copper be
stored in separate systems.
For a copy of Leviton product warranties, visit
Solid and slotted ducting shall route, protect, and support cables
throughout fiber systems. Ducting shall protect fiber and maintain
proper bend radius. Components shall be UL rated and manufactured
of fire retardant material. Ducting shall be mountable above
equipment rack, below floor, suspended, or on a wall. The system
shall be highly adaptable to support multiple network configurations
and be expandable for future configurations.
For CAD files, Typical Specs, or Dimensional Line Art (.DXF, .DWG,
MS-DOS.eps or .TXT), visit
Fiber Raceway Solid and Slotted Ducting is designed to route,
protect and support cables throughout fiber systems. In addition,
raceway can abe utilized to support copper systems. Slotted
Ducting is ideal for carrying a high volume of cables that need to
exit at multiple locations.
Solid Ducting available in five sizes
• 2" x 2"
• 2" x 4"
• 4" x 4"
• 4" x 8"
• 4" x 12"
Slotted Ducting available in two sizes
• 2" x 2"
• 4" x 4"
Safely stores and routes optical fiber in an indoor environment.
Ducting and covers are 6.5 feet long and can be hand cut to
meet exact specifications.
Lids for 2" x 2" Slotted Ducting are pre-cut into 10" sections
before shipping. All other lids are shipped in 6.5' lengths.
Two ducting styles available: Solid wall or slotted for exiting fibers.
Snap-on Covers and Hinged Covers available for solid wall
duct and Slotted duct.
Bend Radius Guides available as necessary to safely route
fiber as it exits from the Slotted duct.
UL 94 V-0 Material Rating for Flammability
Meets NEBS GR-63-CORE*
UL 2024A Optical Fiber Raceway, Riser Rated
Color: See page two
Material: Noryl Plastic
Dimensions: See page two
*Testing conducted by an accredited third party
DESCRIPTION 2" x 2" 2" x 4" 4" x 4" 4" x 8" 4" x 12"
Internal Cross Sectional Area 3.9 in
7.81 in
14.6 in
32.1 in
43.9 in
Patch cord capacity 293 547 1004 2050 3100
Max. Weight Capacity 22 lbs. 44 lbs. 88 lbs. 110 lbs. 126 lbs.
NOTE: Fiber capacities listed are maximum quantities and are based off of cable that is 3.0mm in diameter. It is recommended that duct be filled to about
50% of its depth with optical fiber to avoid crushing or placing excessive stress on the fiber patch cord.
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