Owners manual

1.3 Appearance and Components
1.3.1 Controls and Indicators—RPC2
The MPH2 rack PDU is monitored and managed by the factory-installed RPC2 communications
module. This manual presents information about the MPH2’s functions and features. For details on
operating the MPH2 through the RPC2 communications module, refer to the RPC2 user manual,
SL-20841. The document is available at Emerson’s Web site:
The RPC2 is installed near the middle of the MPH2 rack PDU. The central location eases connections
whichever orientation is required for power cabling.
The RPC2’s Web-based interface provides system operating measurements, as well as readings from
optional SN temperature or temperature/humidity sensors. The RPC2 provides basic information
about the MPH2 rack PDU, such as firmware version, unit rating, model number and serial number.
Figure 2 MPH2 major monitoring and management features
1.3.2 Controls and Indicators—LED’s
The MPH2 rack PDU also has LED’s that indicate outlet and branch status and system information.
The LED’s flash, pulse or change colors to indicate an event or alarm condition (for details on how
LED’s respond to events and alarms, refer to 5.0 - Troubleshooting.
1.3.3 Controls and Indicators—Onboard LCD
Emerson’s MPH2 has an integrated, onboard LCD that can be used to view information about the
rack PDU. The information available depends on the type of MPH2. For additional information about
the onboard LCD, refer to 3.1.1 - Getting Information Through the Onboard LCD.
Units with a “B” as the fourth character in the model name (MPHBxxxx) do not have LED’s at
their outlets. The branch and outlet LED behavior in 5.0 - Troubleshooting and elsewhere in
this document does not apply to these units.
Outlets on units with an “M” as the fourth character in the model name (MPHMxxxx) cannot be
turned Off. LED’s at outlets on these models are always either on continuously or flashing
when input power is present.
Serial Port
USB Port
Reset Button Access