Owners manual

13 Emerson
2.3 Installing an MPH2 in an Emerson
2.3.1 Mounting Hardware and Tools Required
•Two brackets
Mounting buttons
Spring nuts (supplied with Emerson rack)
Phillips #2 screwdriver
Determine where in the Emerson rack the PDU will be installed and follow the instructions below.
Installation requires attaching two brackets to the PDU, inserting four spring nuts into the rack and
using the brackets to attach the PDU to the rack.
To install a PDU in a rack:
1. Attach a bracket to each end of the PDU.
2. If mounting on horizontal frame members, attach the brackets in-line.
- or -
If mounting on a vertical frame member, attach the brackets at a right angle to the PDU.
3. Insert two spring nuts into the appropriate T-slot on the frame member. Position the spring nuts
to accommodate screws inserted through slots in the brackets. To move the spring nuts, press
down on each with a small, pointed object and slide each into position.
4. Hold the PDU in place and attach the top of the unit to the rack with tool-less fasteners.
5. Tighten the screws, applying 46 lb-in (5.2Nm).
6. Repeat Steps 3 through 5 for the lower bracket on the lower end of the PDU.
Figure 11 Installing in an Emerson rack