Owners manual

2.4 Connecting Rack Equipment
Once the MPH2 rack PDU has been installed in the rack, the unit is ready for connection of
equipment that will be powered by the unit or used for monitoring.
Verify that the equipment to be connected meet these requirements:
Input power requirements of each device match the MPH2 output
Equipment will not overload the MPH2 rack PDU
Input power cords match the MPH2 outlets
Equipment is ready for input power (properly installed and prepared)
To connect devices to an MPH2 rack PDU:
1. Verify that all devices to be connected are shut down and unplugged from input power sources.
2. If the MPH2 rack PDU will be monitored over a network, connect an Ethernet cable to the
network port on the factory-installed RPC2.
3. Route the devices’ power cables to the MPH2 rack PDU, following proper procedures and good
practices, such as segregating power cables from control cables and keeping cable bends to
recommended angles.
4. Verify that the branch circuit breakers on the MPH2 rack PDU are open.
5. Connect the devices’ input power cables to the MPH2 rack PDU.
6. Record where each piece of rack equipment is connected, using the branch and outlet numbers on
the MPH2 rack PDU.
7. Post the connection information on or near the rack and at any remote monitoring location.
8. Connect input power to the MPH2 rack PDU. On Types R, C and M models, all LED’s will begin
9. Verify that input power is present and the line status LED’s are illuminated.
10. Close the branch circuit breakers. The receptacle LED’s will glow green.
11. Turn on the connected devices one at a time and verify that each is operating properly.
12. Ensure that the specified values found on the MPH2 rack mount PDU’s serial tag are not
13. Monitor and control the MPH2 rack PDU as detailed in the RPC2 user manual, SL-20841,
available at www.emersonnetworkpower.com
Circuit breakers on Emerson’s MPH2 rack PDU are opened at the factory. The open circuit
breakers help protect against damage to the connected load from high inrush current when
input power is connected.
The circuit breakers must be closed before the unit will supply power to the connected load. Do
not close the breakers until after all rack equipment is connected to the MPH2 rack PDU.
All C13 and C19 outlets on MPH2 rack PDU’s are locking outlets. Locking requires use of
special power cords, which may be factory-installed on the equipment or is available from
If non-locking power cords are used, the power cords should be secured through other methods
to prevent unintended power interruption.