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27 Emerson
Figure 28 Configuration in progress screen
3.1.12 Opening and Closing Circuit Breakers
MPH2 rack PDU feature circuit breakers to protect either branches or individual outlets, depending
on the model. Low-profile circuit breakers are used on all MPH2 rack PDU’s with two or three branch
circuits. Standard-profile circuit breakers are used on MPH2 rack PDU’s with six branch circuits or
have a 240VAC rating.
Both types of circuit breakers are flush-mount, rocker-style breakers. The circuit breakers are
designed to prevent accidental trips. To manually trip a circuit breaker to the Off position, insert a
flat-blade screwdriver or similar tool into the slot on the breaker as shown in Figure 29. To reset the
breaker, press the end nearest ON until it clicks into place.
Figure 29 Turning Off or resetting a circuit breaker
The onboard LCD will shift
to the main menu during a
configuration update. The
keys below the LCD will be
inoperable during the
Breaker Switch
Breaker Switch
Press here
to reset the breaker
Push top of
breaker in
to reset this
Press flat-blade
screwdriver into slot
to trip breaker